Setting the board …

The project “Games of History” aims at introducing to the use of games and gaming as sources for the study of cultural, social, and political history. The material presented in this website is based on historical cases of games and gaming from various periods and places, which are used to reflect upon social, political, and cultural history.

I am sure you will get surprised by the historical development of games you believe you know well. In addition, by navigating the website you will get the opportunity to reflect on social and cultural life in various periods; economic development and cultural meetings; the formation and development of social, political, and cultural identities; gender history and the development of femininities and masculinities; changing patterns in erotic life; the role of religion and metaphysics in social, political, and cultural development; and a number of other historical issues.

The material presented here is divided into thematic modules. All of them are based on or illustrated by specific game cases. Each module is independent from the other, so you can have a look at them in the order of your choice. You should start each module by watching the relevant short video lectures. In case you get so intrigued that you would like to get deeper into things, you might proceed to my reading proposals.

Thank you again for your interest! I hope you will enjoy this game!